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You have the right to choose the right repairer for your vehicle. If you need repairs for your vehicle, insist on the best – come to a Northside Smash Repair Services workshop!

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Northside Smash Repairs - Brendale

Established in 1982, Northside Smash Repair Services has provided quality smash repairs for all makes and models of cars throughout Brisbane’s northern suburbs for almost 40 years. Now with three convenient locations in Brendale, Stafford and Everton Hills, owner Steve and his expert team of nearly 50 staff can help you with any manner of smash repair, spray painting or restoration project.

Since starting the business, Steve has worked tirelessly to ensure that he always provided his customers with the best Smash Repair, Panel Beater & Spray Painter service in Brisbane. To do this he understood that he couldn’t sit still, he needed to ensure he was always at the forefront of his industry and utilising the latest innovative technologies. This enabled him to ensure customer satisfaction whilst building a reputation for excellence in the Panel Beater, Smash Repair & Spray Painter industries throughout Brisbane. Everything we do is to be Brisbane’s best smash repair business.

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Northside Smash Repair Services are open four days a week, Monday to Thursday from 7:00am – 5:00pm.

While staff at all three of our locations do their best to ensure anyone that visits is given the best service possible, to ensure satisfaction we recommend you arrange a visit in advance by calling the site most convenient to you.

– Stafford 3356 8728          

– Brendale 3205 8933

– Everton Hills 3353 3089 

While our contact form allows you to send us pictures of the damaged area of your vehicle, for the most accurate estimate of the costs of repairs we recommend you arrange to bring your vehicle to us. Give us a call today to find out more.