Car History Checks - They Are Worth It!

March 08, 2012 04:09pm | Smash Repair and Accidents

Determining the history of a car before purchasing it is a crucial move. Too many times the team at NSRS have had customers who have brought cars in with pre-existing damage that is obvious to the experts at first glance that someone with an untrained eye would never detect. Not only is previous damage an issue but in some cases cars can have finance owing on them, meaning even those who have paid previous owners for a car can have their vehicle repossessed.

There are two steps in obtaining a car history check, firstly is using the vehicle identification number (VIN) to submit a car history report which can be done online with websites such as Car History. For $32.95 they can provide you with a report outlining if the car has,

  • Flood damage check
  • Storm damage check
  • Written off check
  • Odometer wind back check
  • Stolen vehicle check

Personal Property Securities Register Check (PPSR was previously known as Register of Encumbered Vehicles or ‘REVs’) which determines whether the vehicle is associated with any debt.

If the information is available it will also include previous sales listings, safety and emission ratings, registration details, valuation details, and vehicle description details.

Secondly it is vital to have an expert look over a vehicle as not all accidents are claimed through insurance and therefore recorded, also cars older than a certain age do not need to notify the transport department when they are written off.

A few of the imperfections a Northside Smash Repairs expert would analyse are slight differences in shades of the paint, a different sound when the car is tapped which indicates bog has been used to fill damaged panels, and if the chassy has been bent.

As one of the biggest investment a person makes, it is common sense to organise a car history check before taking the plunge!


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