Australian Car Accident Statistics

March 08, 2012 02:55pm | Smash Repair and Accidents

At Northside Smash Repairs, cars are our passion.  When we hear about deaths or serious injury on our roads, we are deeply saddened.  We can only hope to decrease these incidents by sharing information about car accident statistics and road safety. 

The Australian Government "Department of Infrastructure and Transport" publish a range of regular car accident reports.  One of which is the Road Deaths Australia report, which currently shows a continuing decline in deaths on Australian roads. 

Road Deaths Australia Highlights - January 2012

  • There were a total of 103 road deaths in January 2012.  Even though this is tragic news, it is a decrease of 15.8% compared to the average for the month of January over the previous five years. 
  • Across all age groups except 60-69 year olds, there was a steady decline in road accident related deaths.  The 60-69 age group reported a 2.8% increase. 
  • 17 to 25 and 26 to 39 age groups reported the highest decreases by 7.6% and 8.0%. 
  • In the 12 months ended January 2008, there were 1,163 male and 420 female road deaths.  In January 2012, we have seen a 5% and 4% decrease respectively over the last five years.   These numbers dropped to 945 male and 353 female road deaths.

The Flinders University in Adelaide provide ongoing research into injury studies.  Even though their publications are a few years old, one report they published in 2009 was "Serious injury due to land transport accidents, Australia 2006-2007", which gives insight into accidents that occur on our roads. 

The main finding of the report was, "Males were more than 2 times more likely than females to be hospitalised as a result of land transport accident, while just over 50% of those hospitalised were aged less than 30 years."

While there has been a great improvement with reduced deaths on Australian roads in recent years, a National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 is being rolled out the Australian Transport Council.  As shown in the Flinders University report, there has been slower progress made in reducing the number of serious injuries. 

They state that on average, four people are killed and 90 are seriously injured every day on Australia's roads.  The council is guided by their vision that no person should be killed or seriously injured on roads in Australia.   The plan's objective is to reduce road deaths and injuries by at least 30%. 


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