Performance Car Seats (Aka Bucket Seats) - Are They Worth It?

March 08, 2012 02:50pm | Performance Cars

In the world of performance cars you have events like drifting, drags, and cruises; aesthetic improving features such as rims, body kits, wings, carbon fibre bonnets and scoops; and power enhancing parts such as turbo chargers, exhausts, extractors, super chargers, cam gears and more. So you can be excused for forgetting the less exhilarating aspects of the performance car world.

One such underappreciated area is race car seats. They are not an event in themselves, nor do they improve the performance of the car - unless you consider the loss of a few kilos in transplanting the heavier factory seat with an aftermarket bucket seat.

However, they do look good and improve the position of the driver and therefore how the well the driver can control and handle the car at high speeds, when being thrown around by inertia.

The etymology of the bucket seat is not complex in the slightest. They resemble buckets and they curve up at the sides to stop the driver sliding straight off when cornering or drifting. They also generally feature more of a depression, meaning the driver sinks into a race car seat more than a standard seat.

Are they worth investing in? Yes. If you plan to have fun with your car, want to shed some weight, or simply want to give your car an edgier look, then the bucket seat is for you. However, they do require an engineering certificate to be legal, so be sure to speak to the team at Northside Smash Repairs first.


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