How to Cut and Polish a Car

March 08, 2012 02:46pm | Car Detailing

There are several products available for those looking to cut and polish a car. However, while cutting and polishing products are available in abundance it is the process that i... Read more

Car Detailing Blog

March 08, 2012 02:44pm | Car Detailing

Car detailing is an art. It can be done very well and also quite poorly. For the best results, using an expert car detailer is recommended. They have better equipment, skills an... Read more


We have just opened a second workshop in Stafford!

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Everton Hills

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Its not just smash repair!

Smash Repair might be a large part of our work but we also specialise in several other services related to, but also separate from, accidental damage and helpful to both commercial and other private sector.

These include:

We stand out from our competitors...

That's no accident!