Traditional Dent Repair

Apart from paintless dent repair, the Northside Smash Repair team can remove dents from cars using traditional methods if the damage is severe or if the paint is scratched or broken.

Traditional dent repairs involves spot welding tags onto panels and pulling the dent with a slide hammer or getting behind the dent and tapping it back out using a block and mallet. The dent is then flattened out and shaped to match the surrounding panel using body filler. It is then sanded smooth and painted over.

Northside Smash Repair technicians are highly skilled in both paintless dent repair and tradition dent repair methods. You'll be pleased with the end result.

Contact us today to book an assessment on 07 3353 3089. We'll let you know if paintless dent repair can be used to reduce the overall cost, or if traditional method is required.


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