Rear Windscreen Replacement

Unlike front windscreens, damaged rear car windows generally cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Luckily, rear windscreen replacement is often much cheaper than repairing a large chip or crack. When replacing rear car windows only the best quality glass is used, minimising the risk of damaging the glass again.

The process of replacing rear windscreens is rigorous and the auto glass expert will ensure there is no damage to the paint or body, nor will any shattered glass be left inside the vehicle. A vacuum cleaner is used during and afterwards to ensure any glass is removed, while the body of the car is protected so glass will not scratch the paint.

Northside Smash Repairs boast very competitive auto glass prices for nearly every make and model of vehicle. No appointment is needed to visit the workshop between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday and obtain a free quote.

Alternatively submit photos of your damaged rear windscreen and NSRS will email you a quote for the replacement.


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