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For many muscle and classic car lovers, it may be difficult to find the exact model, make and year of car you want already restored, or to the level of restoration you desire.   Some cars require a ground-up restoration, while others merely require a simple upgrade. 

Ground Up Restoration

Apart from having a passion for muscle and classic cars, many people who would like a car restored, usually do so to increase value and to sell the car at profit at a later point in time.  A ground-up restoration is quite a personal experience for each car owner, as well as requiring a large investment. 

It’s important to work with a car restorer like Northside Smash Repair that has a good reputation for quality of workmanship and who also shares your passion for classic or muscle cars.  The following aspects can affect your long term investment of the car you are restoring:

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If the years are starting to show on your restored beauty, it could be time for a simple upgrade of components, refinish the interior or exteriror, restoring the trim or other aspects of the car.

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Smash Repair might be a large part of our work but we also specialise in several other services related to, but also separate from, accidental damage and helpful to both commercial and other private sector.

These include:

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