Car Detailing Brisbane

Northside Smash Repairs have many years of experience in car detailing. From polishing to pressure cleaning, the team know exactly how to take care of your car.

Whether you are arranging to sell your car, letting the kids borrow it for the weekend, preparing it for an event, or just simply love that new-car smell, your detailing expert will leave it in show-car quality.

Always environmentally friendly, every car detail uses catch covers which collect all the chemicals and water used when perfecting your car.

NSRS offer a range of car detailing services from interior wet vacuuming services to exterior polishing services, but by far the most popular is the full detail which includes the following:



NSRS also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - If you are not completely happy, your detailer will work with you until you are! Give the team at NSRS a call today on 07 3353 3089 to book your car detail.


We have just opened a second workshop in Stafford!

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Everton Hills

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Its not just smash repair!

Smash Repair might be a large part of our work but we also specialise in several other services related to, but also separate from, accidental damage and helpful to both commercial and other private sector.

These include:

We stand out from our competitors...

That's no accident!