Body Kits for Sale

Northside Smash Repairs have body kits for sale for most makes and models of cars - from BMW M Series to Nissan Skylines to Holden Commodores.

Once you have purchased your body kit, Northside Smash Repairs can take care of the entire process, from the fitting and painting to the final product, you will not have to organise a thing. Once you have chosen your body kit, NSRS will keep you informed of the progress until your revamped new car is ready to be picked up.

Call the team on 07 3353 3089 today to find out more about body kits for sale for your car.


We have just opened a second workshop in Stafford!

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Its not just smash repair!

Smash Repair might be a large part of our work but we also specialise in several other services related to, but also separate from, accidental damage and helpful to both commercial and other private sector.

These include:

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