How to Cut and Polish a Car

March 08, 2012 02:46pm | Car Detailing

There are several products available for those looking to cut and polish a car. However, while cutting and polishing products are available in abundance it is the process that is most complex, and therefore, most often performed incorrectly when done without an expert.

The reason a cut and polish is necessary is due to foreign particles such as animal droppings, dirt, tree sap, oil, exhaust contaminants, and other impurities attacking the paint on a vehicle. This combined with the harsh Australian climate finds it is not uncommon that most vehicles, even more than a few years old, can benefit from a cut and polish.


The first step of a professional cut and polish is removing these foreign particles from the paint. This cannot be done with a simple car wash, and special chemicals are used to purge the vehicle.


The second step is compounding.  Compounds are miniscule abrasive elements that essentially buff the paint causing dull, scratched, oxidised spots, to appear better. This leaves the car ready for polishing.


The third step is polishing which deep cleans the paint by removing oxidation, scratches, spotting, old wax, swirl marks and other minor paint defects.  The best polishing results are achieved by using an orbital buffer rather than by hand.  Polishes have a cutting ability, however are smoother than compounds.


The last step of a cut and polish is waxing of which there are many types of waxes.  It provides a protective barrier between the finish and the environment.  Ultimately, your car looks better because more light reflects from the surface resulting in a high gloss finish. 


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