Airbag resets and vehicle computer checks are important steps to reinstating your vehicle’s roadworthy status after an accident.

Once an airbag has been deployed, crash data is transferred to the vehicle’s computer to be permanently recorded. What most drivers do not realise is that in many cases this data can still be transferred to the computer after an accident, even if the airbag has only partially deployed or has not deployed at all.

Therefore, it is always important to have an airbag reset after an accident so specialists can inform your vehicle’s computer that the airbag has been replaced and is operational. Without this data, airbags can malfunction on their second use.

Another service the team at Northside Smash Repairs perform is a vehicle computer check. This is a process in which a NSRS specialist will analyse the fault codes stored in the vehicle’s computer (such as whether or not the car has had an airbag reset previously) to determine if the vehicle has been in a major accident. Common faults a vehicle computer check can find are whether panels such as doors have been removed and replaced, if the engine is not original or if the car has sustained a forceful impact previously.

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